Bookbinding Starter Kit

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This kit is perfect for those wanting to start out in bookbinding or need to have the basic equipment to bind a book. This equipment is in use by both our craft and professional customers. With this kit you get both a sewing frame and a finishing press (which can also be reversed to be used as a lying press). Optionally you may also want to add a set of backing boards .

Large Sewing Frame

Large Sewing Frame in solid Beech. Round nuts on 1 1/2in threaded pillars.

  • 650mm (26in) long x 270mm (11in) width base.
  • Height 420mm (17in).
  • 470mm (18 1/2in) distance between threaded pillars.
  • Solid Beech planked base.

Medium Finishing Press

Medium Finishing Press made in solid Beech.

  • Press cheeks 120mm x 46mm (nominal 5in x 2in)
  • 38mm (1 1/2in) diameter thread
  • 600mm (24in) wide
  • 440mm (17in) between threads