Large Finishing Press, Plough Combination (10% discount)

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This is one of our most popular products. This combination provides you with a large finishing, lying and cutting press with a plough in one package at a 10% discount (The tub in the picture is our floor standing model which is sold separately). Our Large Finishing Press is made in solid Beech. This press can be reversed for use as a Lying and Cutting Press. The handles are operated by dowels which are inserted through the round body of the handle.

Large Finishing Press

  • Press cheeks 150mm x 70mm (nominal 6in x 3in)
  • 38mm (1 1/2in) diameter thread
  • 640mm (26in) wide
  • 460mm (18in) between threads

Plough with single threaded screw

  • Plough cheeks 80mm x 46mm (3in x 2in).
  • Length 250mm (10in).
  • 40mm (1 3/4in) curved plough blade in tool steel.