Covid - 19 - Customer Care

We have luckily been able to trade normally throughout the current Covid-19 outbreak.  This is mainly due to our workshop being next to our home and living in a rural location.  Our suppliers and couriers have in place Covid-19 protection policies to keep both us and our customers safe.

Our materials, when they are machined and worked, go through processes that remove the surface so removing the possibility of transmission from the equipment.  We box our equipment securely so when it leaves us it will be Covid secure.  If you wish you can either disinfect the box on arrival or leave it for three days before you open the parcel. 

Within the workshop we observe social distancing with all our deliveries and are not receiving visitors currently.  We ourselves monitor our temperatures and check for symptoms.  Anyone showing symptoms will self-isolate according to the Government's guidelines.  Instances of confirmed Covid cases are very low in our locality at the moment.

Any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us.